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Packing and shipping

The flip flops will take up to 40 days to arrive to final destination. Shipping is paid for by the customer from Miami. Each pair will be shipped in a sealed (1.77 x 1.08 x 1.12 ft) box with an average of 40 pairs per box, separated by size.

How do I determine the quantity of flip flop pairs that I may need for a wedding?

DNA Custom usually recommends a small amount above half the number of guests. So for example, if you are inviting 200 people, DNA Custom would suggest the purchase of 110 pairs. Other factors that will help DNA assist you to make a decision on amounts and sizes to order, is a rough idea of how many women and men will be attending the ceremony.

How do I choose the quantity of flip flops for each size?

Our recommendations are:

For every 12 pairs of thin strap model:
01 pair size 4
02 pairs size 5
03 pairs size 6
04 pairs size 7
02 pairs size 8/9

For every 12 pairs of the wide strap model:
02 pairs size 7
03 pairs size 8/9
05 pairs size 10/11
02 pairs size 12

This information is based on our past experience. For suggestions on the number of pairs for kids, contact us. Please bear in mind that the final decision is yours and that we are open to your input

What are the sizes available?

5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10/11 - 11/12 - 13/1 - 2/3

Thin Straps
4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8/9

Wide Straps
7 - 8/9 - 10/11 - 12 - 13

How many different sizes may I choose in an order of 100 pairs?

100 - 199 pairs - 5 different sizes
200 - 299 pairs - 7 different sizes
300 +                   - unlimited

Note:  Any extra size requested will have an extra charge per size. Unfortunately, this extra charge is necessary as the cost of production increases.

May I order different logos for a same event?

Yes. It will be calculated as a separate order with all the same initial conditions applied.

May the flip flop straps be stamped?

Yes. DNA Custom uses the vulcanization process that allows the straps to be stamped, resulting in a great visual effect. The final design must be approved before printing.

What is the minimum quantity of flip flops required per order?

100 pairs of the same print. For inquiries about smaller orders please contact us.

Is it possible to stamp a picture in the flip flops?

DNA Custom offers the technology required to print high quality custom pictures on the flip flops. Please be aware that all custom prints must be approved by DNA Custom before final printing.

What are the differences between the female and the unissex design?

The differences between the two models are on the width of the straps. Other variations will be in size and the color. Certain strap colors can be mix-matched with different color soles.

What is the process used for customizing the flip flops?

The process used by DNA Custom is manual silkscreen printing as well as digital print. Both methods were developed by Grendene and meet high quality printing standards.

Does DNA Custom Flip Flops deliver to all parts of the United States?

Yes. Shipping prices and timelines will vary.

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