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Mini Soccer Ball - Business & Marketing Events (Burger King)

Mini Soccer Ball

-  0.40 to 0.49 lbs.
-  18.50" to 19.30"
-  32 parts
-  Polyurethane
-  Pressure:  3 to 5 lbs.
-  Natural latex rubber

Sewn by hand and made of synthetic PU, this unique mini ball is manufactured with the best
materials in the market.
DNA Custom mini balls can be used as souvenirs, for practice or just for family fun.


Air flex rubber made of natural latex provides high flexibility.  Each ball is made according to
the weight and scale of each sports' modality.  A counterweight placed on the opposite side of
the valve generates the exact balance to avoid any fluctuation.

Multidirectional and high tenacity polyester string.  Trussed on all 4 corners to create great resistance in all 8 angles and to avoid deformation.

Synthetic polyurethane - soft and resistant.

6 polyester strings covered with bees' wax makes the ball totally waterproof.

Exclusive Printing Technology:
"Total Fusion"
The dyes used by DNA Custom provides total adherence and yields vivid colors and durability.

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